Steel Frame Screen

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Steel Frame Screen
Steel Frame Screen
Steel Frame Screen
Steel Frame Screen
Steel Frame Screen
Steel Frame Screen

Steel Frame Screen

Composed of a steel frame and closely combined with 2 or 3 layers stainless steel mesh.
Dimension: 1165×585mm 1253×635mm 913×650mm or according to your required.
Range of Mesh: 20-325mesh

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Steel Frame Screen is a kind of common shale Shaker Screen. It is mainly composed of a steel frame and closely combined with 2 to 3 layers stainless steel mesh on the frame. The frame of steel mesh cloth frame welded with high strength square steel or flat steel together, and with a plurality of reinforcing support ribs. The mesh cloth can be combined by metal lining board and the frame, or directly adhered on the frame. Each screen can repair the damaged net surface by dedicated rubber plug.

Features of  Steel Frame Screen:

1. Different layers with different density. To arrange these layers reasonably and exactly, the screening effect will become more and better.

2. High strength frame, multi-ribs and the mesh cloth with moderate tension , from one reliable combination , which can increase screen’s acceptable flow , the intensity and the lifetime

3. The wedge-shaped fastening device, can make the erection of screens more handily and quickly.

4. The mesh divided into many independent small units by grids of the backing plate ,can prevent rips or tears from spreading overmuch. Accessory prepared rubber stoppers can be used to repair damage. So the operator can cut down the stop time and reduce the cost.

Common model of Steel Frame Screen

Screen Model Brand for shaker Range of Mesh Dimension (Width x Length) Weight(KGS)
BTK-01 BL-50 40-325 1253×635mm 13.5KGS
BTK-02 MONGOOSE 40-325 1165×585mm 14KGS
BTK-03 48 SERIES 40-325 1220×720mm 17.5KGS
BTK-04 VSM300 40-325 913×650mm 12.6KGS

Att: Others model can produced as cutomer details dimension and requirement.
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